Apobmms.cgg.gov.in AP Beneficiary Search Details Status for SC, ST, Kapu, Minority etc

AP State Government decided to started web portal on AP OBMMS Online Application and Search for AP Beneficiary Search Details for SC, ST, Kapu, Minority Corporation etc at apobmms.cgg.gov.in….
This a popular scheme known as APOBMMS it was launched by the center of good governance team. The APOBMMS is valued by many India citizen as it monitors and advocates for self-employment and the economic support. The scheme was flagged off by the honorable minister Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu and has already taken effect as many candidates are applying. Individual who need financial support to startup a business apply from the following category using the AP-OBMMS portal:

  1. SC: Scheduled casted.
  2. ST: Schedule tribes.
  3. BC: Backward classes.
  4. KAPU

In additional white ration KAPU holder in the Andhra Pradesh state have the privilege accessing loans. This are the small loans which will support their business. They can follow this link in getting the full information: https://apobmms.cgg.gov.in.

The government has released a large amount to assist in this process, it has fund the KAPU holders with 1000 cores. This will go a long way in assisting any beneficiary of the scheme. The APOBMMS scheme has an age limitation from 21-45 years will benefit with the grants. Most of the candidates are students and from low backgrounds they get scholarships from the AP state government.


How to apply for AP SC, KAPU, STand BC minorities’ subsidy loans online apobmms.cgg.gov.in

All services on loan application are done online, this has eased the hassle of paper work and long queues for candidates who need the loans. Follow the few steps to get the application done.

  • Navigate to the official website: https://apobmms.cgg.gov.in/
  • The home page appears and the menu bar will show different options.
  • Select apply for online registration.
  • The page will bring all the welfare corporation for you to choose.
  • Pick the one which suits you: SC, BC minorities, ST, KAPU.
  • Choose the sector you are based at either the fisheries, transport, agricultural isb etc.
  • On the screen select the “go” button you will get a request whether you are sure you want the application form. Select “OK”.
  • The form will appear on the screen you need to fill your address, the sector detailsand the beneficiary particulars.
  • Key in your district, Mandal, panchayat, village, habitation.
  • Now select the unit cost and enter all the bank particulars: name, surname, IFSC code etc.
  • Key in your mobile number and reconfirm the number.
  • Upload the most recent photo and very clear on the application form.
  • To confirm the details click all and then re-check the document.
  • Submit the application form if you are satisfied with the information.

How to find/search beneficiary ID in apobmms.cgg.gov.in

  • Go to the official website page: https://apobmms.cgg.gov.in
  • On the menu bar click on the beneficiary search.
  • Have with you the Aadhaar card or the ration card. Fill the number on the space provided.
  • Select search. The beneficiary ID will show on your screen.

How do I check AP beneficiary status in apobmms.cgg.gov.in?

  • Visit the official website: https://apobmms.cgg.gov.in
  • Select beneficiary proceeding on the menu bar.
  • Now enter the beneficiary ID you received when searching for beneficiary ID.
  • Select on the get details tab.
  • The details will open on the screen for you to follow up.

Andhra Pradesh BS, SC, ST and KAPU cooperative societies

The AP government ensures that the scheme benefits different association. They have classified the groups as follows:

  1. Disabled welfare.
  2. AP state KAPU welfare and Development Corporation.
  3. AP women finance corporation.
  4. AP state minorities.
  5. AP Medara finance corporation ltd.
  6. AP washer men coop society’s federation ltd Hyderabad.
  7. AP sagara (uppara) cooperative society’s federation limited Hyderabad.
  8. AP valmiki/ boya cooperative societies’ federation limited, Hyderabad.
  9. AP Krishna Balija, Poosala cooperative societies federation limited, Hyderabad.


  • The loans provided by the government have certain objectives which help the common man one way or another.
  • They offer jobs to low or vulnerable individuals to create income and boost their livelihood.
  • The scheme offers training programs and upgrading the beneficiary skills thus helping the beneficiary improve his/her life.
  • Close gaps in the society by giving funds which will help individuals start a business.
  • The system is transparent and fair to all individuals in India.

Features on the APOBMMS website

  • The registration of beneficiary is mainly done using the Aadhaar card.
  • All the member who have applied for the loan will get crucial information through the SMS.
  • There will be scheduled interviews which will be communicated via SMS to both beneficiary and the members of committee.
  • The Mandal will give consent on the beneficiary.
  • All the chosen beneficiaries have to give their bio-metric information.
  • Details about the bank account are given online by the banker.
  • The loans applied within 24 hours are also approved.
  • The beneficiary needs a ration card or bank account to produce the loan.
  • After the selection of beneficiaries the MPDO has the mandate to forward the names to the district office.
  • Then after handling to the district office the AEO verifies the beneficiaries together with Sr. assistant.
  • The collector approves the file which is forwarded by the ED and he also generates the file too.
  • The cheque is approved by the MD this is through the online method.
  • The bank assist in the disbursing the loan.
  • All the photos and details will be uploaded by the field officers after their approve you need the loan and the business to be established.

Documents to upload online

  1. You need a photo which will be uploaded from your Aadhaar card.
  2. Certificates: Christian minority caste, revenue officer, SSC certificate, baptism certificate.
  3. The date of birth will be picked from your Aadhaar card.

What are the benefits/advantages of APOBMMS?

  • The process is transparent and efficient for all citizens in India state.
  • The government follows up with poor families and individuals to ensure they support them financially. The establishment of the scheme give a long term solution to the beneficiary
  • The beneficiaries and members of committee get all the alerts and information about the scheme. You don’t to doubt the scheme since the information is distributed fairly.
  • The whole process is fast and individual will get the loans as soon it is approved. The bank also doesn’t delay releasing the funds.
  • The process of application is very easy you don’t need to visit any office or waste time on long lines. The system is always open as long you have internet.
  • The online portal is not restricted to anyone.
  • The loans or benefits have long span in refunding the individual is given time to work.
  • The government approves fast and doesn’t discriminate individuals according to the districts.
  • Has simple terms for beneficiaries doesn’t need complex documents.

The scheme has brought together a large number of Indian citizens and opened small business. With given statistics of 4, 05,393 from the being and still counting.

For more information, question and enquires please visit the official website: https://apobmms.cgg.gov.in

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