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Banglarbhumi website is all about land and its reforms. This concept was used to increase the revenue collection from land. West Bengal is one of the unique state which has contributed maximum in this reform. You can check WB Land Records Details, land acquisition, land owner details, Thika tenacy, citizen services and Land Record Search also. DLRS, Directorate of land records and surveys, This Directorate is focused on the preparation of land records and village maps, survey, settlement of ceiling surplus land, management of minor minerals, management of properties, compensation against vested lands and various other works related to Land Reforms Administration. SLUB means state land use board which prepares block wise land maps in different districts. If we will talk about the performance of the SLUB, the first five districts whose reports are made were Paschim Medinipur, Bankura, Purulia, Bardhaman and Birbhum.

This report was made in 2010. The different components of land reforms are public service, continuous maintenance, updating records of rights and maps, vesting of surplus land, providing protection to share croppers and updating the land owner details. You can also check the mutation case status, by clicking on the citizen services link found at the top of this website. There are two methods for searching the mutation case status. First is deed wise search and second is case wise search. By entering the district, block, Mouza and case no you can find the mutation status similarly in deed wise search you need to fill deed no and deed year.

Search the Banglarbhumi Khatian Property Value and Plot Info at

This website also have information about the training institute where analysis, research and training given to under training officers belonging to Indian administrative services, Indian police service and west Bengal police services and judicial services. Also provide induction training for revenue officers of land and land reforms department. This institution also offers training regarding survey, map preparation, map reading and computer training. This is an overview of this website.banglarbhumi wb land records

To check the property value or to know the West Bengal Land Records Value in, you have to visit the official page i.e In this link you will find calculators link, where you have to click on market value of lands. In that page you have to find different columns to fill like district plot no and area of land. After filling all the details then enter your plot no, Bata no, proposed land use and nature of land. After filling all the details, click on display property value of lands. In this way you will find the value of land.

To Know the property details in this Banglarbhumi official website i.e you have to go to the home page of land and land reforms department, where you will find a link mentioning know your property at the left side of home page. A new page will open mentioning Banglarbhumi Khatian and plot information. There you need to enter 3 details, first the district name, second the block name and lastly the Mouza details. After entering all the 3 details you will find another option saying search by Banglarbhumi Khatian and search by plot. By clicking any one of them you have to enter that detail. Finally you will get to know your property details that this property is on whose name.

To check the RS-LR plot information, you have to first go to the home page of, then at the top you will find a tab mentioning citizen services. By clicking to that tab, you will find an option mentioning RS-LR plot information. You need to fill district, block and Mouza details in that page then you will have 2 options RS plot or LR plot. By clicking any one option there you need to fill the plot number, which will give you the respective plot information.

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