What are the Career Options After 10th Class (SSC)

Guidelines for how to choose a course after 10th class completed and what are the Career Opportunities After SSC 10th Class……
Presently right after 10th, Intermediate one can find as many Career Options After 10th and predominantly its perfect time to stick to your goal. In addition to traditional subjects there has been a tremendous addition of trendy subjects to the numbers like BPO (Call Center Job) and Retail management based on the market demands providing the best opportunities for the APT candidates.

Different Ways to go Career Options After 10th class

Humanities:- Industrial, visual, communication designers:- It is compiled with graphic & animation design, textile design, industrial design, product design etc. For those who are interested at it can work as manufacturer, management and repairing sections.

Fashion industry:- It constitutes of design department, marketing & manufacturing department and fashion coordinators.For those who pursue career can work as Fashion journalists, fashion modeling, foot wear designers and textile designers. Jewelry design is a very interesting aspect of this arena. Cartoonists are the one who pursue this specialist course.

Mass communication:-Journalism:- There are 3 categories in print media those are news papers, magazines and internet. It has two kinds of work like filed work and desk work. In the field work reporters, correspondents play a key role. Where as in desk work editors, free lance writers and columnists plays a major role. Electronic journalism and film making also comes under this forum.

Management:- Without management noting goes on. The key factor in today’s industrial growth is effective management strategies. For those who are very interested at business and management can pursue MBA after graduation and can settle as a business magnet.

Finance & accounts:- Especially for students who have taken up commerce in inter can easily take up this course. Charted accounts are a significant feature of this sector offering huge take homes.

Civics:- To firmly settle in government sector, there are plenty of opportunities as lawyer, railway services and banking sector .Social work includes economists, psychologists, social educators, librarians, curators.

Engineering & technology:- Nevertheless it has occupied a top spot these days. With the need of engineering graduates in the field of science and technology, engineering colleges has raised its number in our country in various stages. Each has its own sort of entrance examination.

In addition to the above mentioned streams many career related options like biological sciences, computer and informatics, home science & food technology, Para medical, health care industry, defense and Para military

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