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From now on, it has been become compulsory to book their slot in online for GHMC residents who want to enroll themselves under Aadhaar. It can be down in two ways, whether by doing a call to 1100. There is a confusion on issuing the slips by the LPG agencies for slots and hereafter it is not taken for enrollments  said by the Ranga Reddy district joint collector R. Mutyala Raju told a press conference here. Some People getting confused what is the use of Aadhaar Card.

How to Book Online Aadhaar Enrollment Appointment in

So the LPG agencies are also asked to book slots with the help of website i.e As a result, all the slots will be come from a single source. Mr. Raju has given a data in which the suggestion to the extended deadline of April 15 for connecting Aadhaar with LPG connections which can also fall flat, has produced the gap between the number of LPG consumers and also the consumer who have given their unique Identification numbers and also their details of bank account to the LPG agencies.

Actually in the web portal all of our Indian Citizens will reach the nearest Enrolment Centers to get an Online Appointment for Aadhaar. As on recent report, from 13,59,834 LPG consumers only 4,83,687 have given their UID number, and from this less than a fifth has produced their details of bank account.
It is difficult to achieve for the enrollments to meet the target before the deadline. In a population of 52, 96,396 as on the census 2011, the total number who have enrolled themselves is 45, 95,978 only with 87% achievement. On the other side UID Numbers has been generated only for 29, 61,681.

In some urban mandal’s, the enrolment is over 100 percent, but in rural areas of the district it is only 62%. It is less than 25% in some mandals like marpalli, basheerbad, mauchal, yalal and peddmul. The direct benefit transfer (DBT) for the scholarship is also delayed as the student enrolment is lagging.

No Need to Fear: Mr.Raju requested the consumers to no need to have panic, he also said that Aadhaar-LPG linkage till the enrolments are completed it will not be enforced.

We have given the option to get the UID Numbers using the enrolment IDS from Mee Seva centers. But LPG dealers are asking on the Aadhaar card, as a result it will get delayed; he also said that many consumers have lost their IDS who had enrolled before the first deadline of February 15.

Mr.Raju also informed that there is a shortage of UIDAI certified operators and it is also a result in delay from a total 09 95 centers which are from that is has become 75 a month ago. Power shortage is also one of hindrance for delay.

Usefulness For The Children: Mr.Raju told that the Aadhaar enabled DBT scheme successfully launched in the national child labour project, for the purpose of giving stipends to 962 children in the various special schools. These children’s are there in the 1555 beneficiaries list for whom UID have generated with bank accounts details.

Each child has got a stipend of Rs.150 per month directly in to their account via DBT, from the period June to Next Year January.

Book an Appointment Slot for Aadhaar Enrollment Online in

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  1. i need to update my name in aadhar of now it was (Devathala Prashanth Kumar).but i want to change it as (Devathala Steven Prashanth Kumar).which is in voter id.what an all the docs required for updation.plz let me know.
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  2. i need to update my mobile number 8119985569 my aadhaar number 292799671146 can be update my aadhaar card i requested to update my adhaar i hope that to update my aadhar update my name kalaba molsom village jalai bari P.O. Ampi nagar P.O. Ampi Nagar District gomati tripura


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