What more can i do career after Mtech ?

Pursuing After MTech is gaining confidence in the recent scenario of India pertaining to its increasing career prospects. For the greater part of B.Tech graduates, it is common knowledge about the diverse range of specializations available for M.Tech in India, starting from IT sector specializations like Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering to core job specializations such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. There are about 25 subjects in which one can do one’s After MTech degree. However, the concern does not lie in the availability of content. The worry expressed commonly before taking up an M.Tech course is whether this is a good career move.

B.Techs and M.Techs are courses known as professional courses which plainly mean that you are trained to be recruited in a professional working environment. But, if there is a good part of the population going for MBA degrees, why settle for an M.Tech, right? While all the career counselors might advise you differently depending on the source of their commission, do not be fooled into thinking that an M.Tech is a waste of your time. Also Read Career Opportunities After SSC

The point about engineering and technology study in India is that this country is overpopulated and a B.Tech graduate (more often than not) does not score brownie points for the degree. There are far too many B.Tech graduates applying for the same position and the competition is far higher than ever before. What can one do in such a scenario? Go for a higher degree!

What’s next After Mtech (Career Opportunities)

Before you figure that this is the only reason to go for an M.Tech, stay back and read further. Whether you want to go for a Government job or a private job or you want to work in a multinational firm, whether it’s the IT sector or core, after M.Tech is your ladder to a surer position. So many merit buddies are getting confused what are the career options after Mtech or what will do your career after Mtech. Let’s have a look at some of the popular stops for an M.Tech graduate to apply for:after mtech

Microsoft: Currently, Microsoft is hiring professionals for a position in the departments of Data & Applied Sciences, Development and Hardware and the criteria is a Masters in Technology. In India, packages in Microsoft generally is for around 1 crore per annum.

Google: Google has positions open in multiple parts of the world only for M.Tech graduates, few of them being Software Engineer (USA); Software Engineer, Tools & Infrastructure (China); Technical Accounts Manager (Japan); Reliability Engineer (USA); Software Engineer (South Korea); Partner Engineer of Google Assistant (South Korea); Developer Advocate of Android Framework (USA); Knowledge Program Manager (USA); Product Quality Engineer (China); Technical Writer; Sales; Service; Program Manager; Security Operations Engineer; Program Quality Engineer, and many more. For the most part, MBA degrees will fetch you jobs but M.Tech’s will fetch you jobs abroad.

Depending on your specialization field, you can be placed in the apt industry. For example, if you are an M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering then your job prospects span over a range such as thermal power industry, gas turbines industry, aviation companies, aerospace industry, shipping industry, automobile industry, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas exploration & refining industry, educational sectors, armed forces, and the so on.

Corporations like Siemens, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Bharat Electronics Limited,. Chennai Metro Rail Corporation, etc are the common recruiters of people from such fields. With a high GATE score, you can be easily recruited in Public Sector Undertakings like NHPC Ltd., National Thermal Power Corporation Limited., GAIL, Indian Oil, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, and so forth.

Similarly, there are hundreds of different positions from each field of specialization in M.Tech. However, If you are one of the creative ones, then here is a sneak peek into the world of possibilities that lie in front of you. There is a famous tag in advertising called “sell yourself”. It doesn’t mean literally. Quite figuratively, it is said to motivate a person to go out there and present oneself in such a manner that people want to hire you. For all you M.Tech graduates, you are at an advantage here. With your technical knowledge and your creative skills, you are a force to be reckoned with. First of all, create your virtual footprint. Open your YouTube channel, create your website, start technical writing, etc. Basically, be your own boss and open your own firm. Startup firms are the new trend in India and do not be left behind. This is a fast growing sector with its innovative nature as its unique selling point. If you are one with such skill and talent, then this is time for you. IT boom has given us a faster growing virtual life where you are the new deal. So, yes, do “sell yourself”.

Returning to the formal industries, there are more government and public sectors to choose from. Here is a few names of companies that offer jobs to After MTech graduates: ➧ Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India ➧ Engineers India Limited ➧ CPCL ➧ Nuclear Power Corporation of India ➧ BHEL ➧ BEL ➧ Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited ➧ Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology ➧ Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Science ➧ National Institute of Technology ➧ University of Hyderabad ➧ CDAC. Not just this, these industries come with its perks of job security, retirement plans and other such lucrative offers.

On the other hand, private sector packages range between 3 lakh and 8.8 lakh per annum, which is much higher than what most other degree holders make annually in all the industries alike. Some of the prominent companies in this sector are ➧ TCS ➧ Symantec ➧ Ericsson ➧ Microsoft ➧ HCL ➧ Siemens Technology ➧ Protechsoft Technology ➧ Amazon ➧ Aricent ➧ HP ➧ Oracle Apps ➧ Wipro ➧ Caterpillar ➧ Citrix Systems ➧ Vinove Software.

All this information is incomplete without mentioning the final path that you can venture into and that is academia. The education sector is one which will always provide the job security and satisfaction you need if you want to be absolutely absolved in your subject. You want to pursue M.Tech because this is your passion? Then stick to it, go for research and teaching. There is nothing better than to always be surrounded by people of your area of interest, and with all the brainstorming that can take place, it is definitely a must for all you nerds and geeks out there.

Whatever you do, choose wisely. If a Masters in Technology is indeed your cup of tea, then do it well and you shall shine like a diamond.

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