Search Chandigarh Land records, Plot details, Certified copies online at

Chandigarh state government now started providing some online facilities for the people through their website services that are available in the website include Searching the Chandigarh Land records, Plots details and Property registration details. All the land records, Bhoomi Jankari, and the registration details of the properties are hosted on the official website. If the citizens need to get a valid certified copy of the documents from revenue department one must fill an application and give to tahsildar of concerned SRO.

How to Search Chandigarh Land Records Bhumi khatiyan ROR details online

  • First go to the website and look for citizen services. Here choose theoption named “Know property details” link in right side of citizen charter page.
  • Here click on the “How do I” menu that appeared in the homepage. Now proceed to enter the details of your plot or property.
  • Enter your plot number or File number. The File number is nothing but the document registration serial number obtained at time of purchase or transfer.
  • Now enter the sector number, category of application
  • Finally Click search button to view the land records as they are in revenue department.

In general, the search is can be made through any of these ways like Category wise, Sector wise, Combination of sector and category wise. Specialized search is made through the File number along with the sector number, Plot number etc.

How to apply for Certified land record copies in Chandigarh?

The citizens of Chandigarh in all the 40 sectors can apply for the reissue of the certified copies at all Sub-Registrar offices. The citizens can search the records or even inspect the certain books, indexes, registration records by simply filling an application form.

This application can be downloaded from the website and you can fill application with all the required details. The details that needs to be filled include Registration number, Date, Book Number, Document number, Stamp duty and registration fees acknowledgement slip, Volume or ledger number. The people should also affix a Rs.2/- stamp and blank stamp paper Rs.3/- with application.

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