DDO Request AP Employees Salary bill preparation ddo req site at treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/

Detailed Information on DDO Request and DDO Req for Generating AP Treasury Employee Salary Slip Bills Online at treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/….
As change is only the permanent facet, it shows it significance in each and every walk of life. Technology being the major pulsates, everything goes online. Let me put forward a brief note on DDO request, it is the supreme body that does a foremost part in allocating the salaries of Central Government employees. DDO Request will propel the Pay bills to Principal Accounts Office for sanction.

How to Prepare DDO Request AP Employees Salary Bill

Generally the pensions of the individual departments and payment of salaries and other payments is processed by DDO request nowadays DDO request has been taken a new shade with addition of some innovative features like CPS, Leave Account Updating and Supplementary bill preparation. It is indeed mandatory to update the leave account of the employee before preparing the supplementary bill. Must and should it is essential to enter the number of half pay leaves and earned leaves in the Leave updating tab.

In the supplementary bill preparation, suppose if the employee takes leave for a week, he should enter the leave dates so that the salary will be deducted based on those leaves, that information he should specify on the official DDO request website. Enter your DDO Code and password and click SUBMIT. Claim Your DDO Requests and bills. The bills and send salary cheques through DDO will be sent right after examining the DDO request, this task is handled by PAO. DDO Request aids to issue straight deposit or issuing cheques in the name of employee. On the other hand the cash given DDO Request determines salaries and set up pay bills either manually or by semi automated system.
DDO Request
Important websites:-

  • https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
  • https://treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/

Roles & Responsibilities:-

  • It is strictly liable for generating monthly salary of an employee.
  • It schedules the bank statements according to data provided in DDO request.
  • It also handles PF, EWS to the monthly paying bills.
  • It also maintains and process statements for each month manually.
  • It is responsible for regulation of Income Tax, Income Tax Returns, TDS Returns etc
  • it also Manages PF, Loans, withdrawals , Interests, Reports

The main advantage is it handles bills quite comfortably and the demerits goes like these, the present working employees are stressed at great and it has no accountability.

  • Visit the official website treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/
  • Enter your DDO Code and your DDO password.
  • Now the options of DDO Claims and DDO Requests are used in this website.

The chief job of this Principal Accounts Office (PAO) is to study and examine the applied DDO Req and to endorse the bill after confirming all the submitted facts. After the authentication given by PAO (Principal Accounts Office) against DDO Req then procedure will be conceded to pay DDO Request Salaries. Normally the monthly salaries of government employees is maintained and processed by AP Treasury department. Now it has started a website to let the employees enter their information through online.

If at all you decided to modify the existing password in the web portal, then visit the website and on General Services tab, click on Change Password and re enter the same pass word for confirmation. The general password is 123456. It is must and should that every government employee must enter their details every month on DDO request in order to receive their monthly salary.