Appsc Group 1, 2, 4, 3 Preparation Tips (Reference Books or Preparation Books)

Preparation Techniques and Reference Books for Appsc Group I, II, III, IV….
Polity: The Indian Polity is very important in APPSC exams. The following data is very important to ask exams in generally:

  • The importance of newly appointments like C&AG, Election Commission,Supreme court Chief Justice, Uppsc, Appsc Chairmen,…etc
  • The importance of World Polity like President & Prime minister of China, Pakisthan, Italy…etc
  • The importance of Election purpose, Commitees, Commitees Chairman, Shedules, Piticas, Election of President, Rajyasaba / Lok saba, SC-STt’s, womens new commitions..etc

Reference Books for Appsc Group Exams and Group 1, 2, 4, 3 Preparation Tips

Group 1, 2, 4, 3 Preparation TipsReference Books:

  • Introduction to Indian Constitution (D.D Basu)
  • Indian Polity (Pratiyogita Darban)
  • Indian Constitution (P.M Bakshi)
  • Daily News papers – Publications

To observe the previous question papers The Indian Economy comes no of Questions to ask all exams. The following data is very important to ask exams in generally:

  • To observe The importance of Budget, Sebi, Imf, World bank, Employment, Banking, Sensex, Expenditure, Central plans, Receipts…etc
  • The importance of Central plans, 12th Plan..etc
  • The importance of Salary details, 2011 Sensex, Un Employment,..etc
  • And mainly candidates to concentrate the importance details of Banking Sector, Central / State Income Tax details, Budget concept..etc
  • The importance of Current affairs, Exports/Imports, value of Rupee, 2012 Undp details…etc

Reference Books:

  • Economy Survey of India
  • Indian Economy (S K Mishra & V K Puri)
  • Telugu Academy Andhra Pradesh, Indian Economy
  • To publish daily Important Articles of Budget

In Appsc Exams mainly to ask the Questions of History subject,so the candidates to give the importance of History. To mainly follows the given data:

  • The History dividend into mainly 3 types : Pre History, Middle history, Pro History. The candidates to give equal importance of these
  • The candidates mainly to observe the previous Question papers, Important details,in examination point their ask 2 types of question from history subject. Ex: 1. Direct Questions 2. Indirect Questions
  • In Ap History their asked mainly Vijayanagara Kingdom, Satawahana Kingdom, Asafjahi- Kuthubshahi Kingdom, History and cultural Heritage of India with Emphasis on 20th century of India…etc

Reference Books:

  • NCERT 11th ,12th standard, BA Telugu Academy Books
  • MA Open university books
  • AP History of P. Raghunad rao

In Appsc Exams mainly to ask the Questions of general topics of Geography subject,so the candidates to give the importance of main topics of Geography and to mainly follows the given data. Candidates to approach mainly to follows the previous papers and to estimate the which type of questions to asked mainly.

Geography subject mainly divided into 3 types they are:

  • World geography, Indian geography, AP geography
  • Candidates mainly to follows the topics of Forest, Water area, Cultivation lands, crops, Forests, Geo industries centers, Geo natural resources, world mountains, Rivers…etc
  • Disaster management

General Science:
Appsc conduct Group-1 & 2 and all exams mainly to asked to the same importance of General science, Technology. In general science main parts are Chemistry, Physics, Biology and also to follows the given data:

  • The importance of Science and Technology, Environment science and also to observe the previous question papers.
  • To read 6-10th class books
  • Space programme in India and its applications with special reference to industry, agriculture and other rural development activities, INSAT, IRS system..etc
  • Energy demands, renewable energy resources, nuclear energy, the development and its utilization in the country…etc

Reference Books:

  • NCERT 11th ,12th standard Telugu Academy Books

Mental Ability:
To compare to all Competitive Exams the Mental ability subject is Very easy and time taken also low in APPSC Group-1, Group-2, Group-4, JL exams. Candidates mainly to follows the given data :

  • In this mainly dividend into Arithmetic, Verbal and Non- verbal reasoning these subjects.
  • In arithmetic subject mainly to prepare in Number systems, Ratio and proportion, Simplifications, Multiplication, Percentage, Lcm- Hcf…etc
  • In Reasoning subject mainly to follows Blood and Relations, Classifications, Number analsis, Coadind and Decoding, Directions….etc

Reference Books: RS Agarwal Reasoning and Arithmetic

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