Multipurpose Health Card Application for Employees

Multipurpose Health Card Online Application Procedure for Andhra Pradesh Employees and Pensioners available at website…..
No doubt that Andhra Pradesh is the hub of absolutely absorbing schemes. Earlier the ruling party had strictly ordered all the government employees to upgrade their data base to meet the pace of technology and to work up to potential as a result chance was given to the political party which has introduced mouth watering schemes, those offers much space to the employees lessening the work and getting paid at peak along with electrifying incentives.

As a result the leader of the political party became god of masses, needlessly to say those schemes are bane to the economy but satisfies the thirst of employees and loads the bank balance of leaders. Simply to create a solid vote bank many a thrilling schemes has been introducing and one among such incentive is CASHLESS HEALTH SCHEME- HEALTH CARD. Download e-Aadhaar Card Online
The joint action committee (JAC) government employees of Andhra Pradesh on January 23rd,2011 has announced that HEALTH CARD replaces the Medical reimbursement scheme. As a trail run it was initially introduced in four districts as a pilot scheme. Up on the huge success of this act, it was widened to reach all the government employees including pensioners across the state.

They are asked to enroll themselves for health card application. In our state there exists nearly 385 Hospitals under Aarogya Sri Health Care Trust , under the category of In-Patient or Out-Patient, almost for 960 diseases treatment is being offered at free of cost. For each family of employees approximately 3 lac is abided by government for medical treatment. How to Book Online Aadhaar Enrollment Slot

Apply for Multipurpose Health Card Application for Employees at

For all the eligible candidates the Health Cards will be issued by AP Treasury officials. So in order to make use of this wonderful scheme all the government employees and pensioners are requested to enroll for the health card. The multipurpose cards can be downloaded by visiting the official website of AP treasury ““ . Fill the application form and take a print out of it and submit in DDO office. However this is the best scheme to employees , this can be treated as a recognition gift for their valuable services . so every employee is requested to make use of this opportunity. Necessary Documents Needed for Aadhaar Card

Here I present you the simple steps that you should follow to download multipurpose card:-

  • First of all simply visit official Treasury website “
  • You can find “Net Services to public” Option, give a gentle click on it.
  • Now choose “ Employee Operations” and search for “Multi Purpose Employee Card”
  • Then enter your user id i.e your ID
  • Choose a password of your own and re enter to confirm it.
  • Then enter DDO code and submit login.
  • Now using that user ID Net services to public->Employee operations->Multi purpose employee card. Take a hard copy if it.
  • So you have got enough information to apply health card. So register yourself and grab your copy as early as possible. Make sure that you have to feed your data and have to submit a print copy to the DDO.

Ap Employees Multi Purpose Health Card Application and Pensioners Application Form available at and

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