Follow 3 Successful Tips for How to Get Good Rank in NEET

Follow the Simple Ways to Get Good Rank in NEET Examination……..
National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is for under graduation (UG) courses notification release as soon. For the AP students also Neet exam will held mostly it will conduct from 2014 onwards. For the year 2017 decision will release soon. It will quiet difficult to get prepare for Neet Examination to the AP students. AP Senior Inter is quiet different from the Neet Syllabus. It brings difficult to AP Students. So the syllabus has to be change with the Neet syllabus. NEET Syllabus for Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Already AP Junior Inter syllabus had been changed according to the Neet Syllabus. Senior Inter syllabus also changes from the year 2018. So the students who has joined in 2017 in Junior Inter they will get chances prepare to Neet Examination. Our AP intermediate syllabus is quiet different with Neet Syllabus. For the students who are going to appear Neet 2017 examination. They have to prepare CBSE syllabus. Gathering the material from the CBSE syllabus and has to prepare in that syllabus.

Preparation Tips for  Good Rank in Neet Exam

  • Students who are preparing Neet they have to study NCERT textbooks. And should prepare notes of the topics which is not present in AP Inter board syllabus.
  • In NCERT textbooks topic wise detail information is available. So the students must able read all these topics and has to increase reading spped.
  • In all the competative or entrance tests basic knowledge of the students or related questions has the chances to ask. So students must have to read from the basic concepts and the applications.

Reference Books for Neet

  • All the subjects textbooks from NCERT 11th and 12th classes.
  • Concept in Physics Volume 1, 2 – H.C. Varma
  • Physcial Chemistry – K.L. Kapoor, O.P. Tandan
  • Selected topics in Organic Chemistry – Malik Mather and Thuli
  • Consis In-Organic Chemistry – J.D. Lee
  • Biology Volume 1,2 – T.L. Rayar
  • Biology Taler and Green
  • Biology Reymond Johnson
  • Biology – Compbell
  • 11th, 12th Classes ICSE Biology Textbooks.


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