Jiofi.local.html Jiofi Mifi Settings Login into for Change Password, Access Storage SD Card Settings

Jio Dongle 2 users use the jiofi.local.html and url to change the Login Details, Password Changing, Accessing memory card, Jiofi 2 Battery Status and you can Jiofi 2 Settings….
Dude’s who are not get the Reliance Jio Sim or not compatible the Jio 4G Sim those users here is the another option for you. Jio launches a device named as Jiofi Dongle or Jiofi 2 Mifi. This Jiofi Device has spread the wifi to your device. The main function of the Jio Dongle 2 is it is a wifi hotspot device it shares the internet to 10 nearest wifi devices or smartphones. This is useful for Internet or browsing lovers. In jiofi.local.html login or it and you can check your Jio Dongle 2 Battery status.

Mukesh Ambani is the CEO of the JIO Company. Actually JIO is the new technology the Jio sims is mainly useful for 4th Generation Smartphone Users and the Jio 4G Sim compatible only for 4G smartphones and also few mobiles are only recommended this Jio Sim. Every smartphone first of all install MyJio App and install all the apps available in the MyJio app. Then you can register your mobile number and it gives a preview code i.e Barcode. Show the Jio Preview Code in your nearest digital express store. Here is the instructions for you just follow the below steps…

Jiofi Mifi Settings on How to Change Jiofi Password by login into jiofi.local.html

Jiofi is a wifi hotspot device so many users are confused for how to change the login credentials like Broadcasting SSID and Security Key. And some Jio Dongle users also how to know the battery status of Jiofi Device. Here we will give the brief information about on it.

Those steps are the guidelines is only for who are using Jiofi 2 Wifi Hotspot device users. Just follow the steps below…

  • First of all logon into http://jiofi.local.html or
  • After the opening the URL you can see the jiofi.local.html Login button.
  • Click on Jiofi Login button. Then Enter the username as “administrator” and password as “administrator”. Click on login button
  • Now come to settings tab in the left side you can click on ‘WiFi’ tab.
  • After you can change the “SSID” and then choose the “Security Key”. Click on Button


Jio Dongle 2 Settings on How to Access Sd card

It is very simple procedure to access the storage slot or sd card slot in your Jiofi dongle. Just follow the below instructions…

  • Again you must logon into jiofi.local.html Login
  • Username and password same as mentioned above.
  • Click on Wi-Fi Disk
  • You can access the Storage Slot. Then You can upload your files and you can copy the images or movies or other files etc in your PC / Laptop

Note: If you know the Jiofi battery status or Jiofi 2 Battery percentage. Just the open the jiofi.local.html left side of your screen click on Device Details. See the “Battery level”.

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