How to Fill Form 6, 6A New Voter Card Online Application at

Filling Procedure for Form 6, Form 6A New Voter ID Card Online Application at National Voter Service Portal i.e…..
With technological advancements, almost every sector of government, commissions and companies all over the world is being digitized. India is also not left behind with the launching of the National Voter Service Portal (NVSP). The former president of India Dr. Abdul Karam launched the National Voter Service Portal allowing electors to use the services offered. This is the main website of National Voter Service Portal.

This portal was designed with the main aim of providing a single window service to all electors with the help of IT tools. NVSP portal has been made available to the electors from ECI website and can be accessed at any particular time.

Step by Step process on How to Fill for Form 6 New Voter Card Online Application in

In order for every Indian citizen to fully participate in the elections whether a general election or a by election, one must have a valid voters ID card. The unique voter card is given to everyone who is eligible to cast a vote. Once a person has successfully applied for a voter’s card, the ECI automatically adds their name to the electoral roll.

All eligible citizens of India that have attained the age of 18 are allowed to apply for a voter’s ID card. There are three categories of Indian voters i.e.:

  1. General Resident Elector
  2. Service Electors
  3. Overseas / NRI Electors

All citizens of India that are residing in the country are termed as general electors and can apply for a news voter card after attaining 18 years. Before one can start applying for the voter ID card, they must first submit the following requirements:

  1. Address proof
  2. Scanned photograph
  3. Age proof (PAN Card, Birth Certificate)

After all the necessary requirements have been submitted, one can apply for the new voter card in portal by following the simple steps below:

  • On your browser, type in to visit the official website of the National voters service portal
  • Once in the portal, click on “Apply online for registration of new voter”
  • A new window will be displayed on the screen. From that page, choose the preferred language that you wish to continue with before proceeding with other details.
  • Carefully fill in all the details required including the mandatory particulars like names, age and gender.
  • Correctly type the Captcha code that is displayed
  • Click on “Submit” to finalize the application process.

Once you have clicked on “submit” all your details will be sent to the Electoral Commission of India who will then approve the new voter card after verifying everything. form 6 online application for new voter card
NVSP form 6 online application

If the application is successful, the Electoral Commission of India will contact you via phone using the phone number you submitted while completing the application. They can also decide to send you a postal mail using the postal address that was submitted initially.

The following services can be accessed from the portal:

  • Applying for a new voter registration ID card in English or Hindi language
  • Making corrections of your voter ID card
  • Searching for your name in the voters list
  • Viewing the details of your polling booth, parliamentary constituency, and assembly constituency
  • Attaching your Aadhaar Card Number with the election photo identity card data
  • A link that allows users to reach out to CEO offices websites
  • View the details of Electoral Registration officer, booth level officer and other election officers that ensure smooth conducting of elections.
  • Electors can also have a chance to view a short educational film that covers the Electronic Voting Machine.
  • User education through Audio visual short films and scripts that talk about the polling and election process

The NVSP website is fully controlled by the Electoral Commission of India (ECI) that is responsible for conducting smooth elections in India. Through this website, ECI is able to meet the needs of all the electors and assist electors in getting voters card without necessarily having to visit the offices.

Through the NVSP portal, ECI is able to solve all issues faced by Indian electors regardless of the location that one is situated.

Procedure on How to Fill Form 6A Overseas New Voter ID Card Online Application in

All non-resident Indians have a right of applying for a new voter ID card even if they are not in India during the time of application. Before one is allowed to apply for the new voter ID card, he or she must not be a citizen of another country and must have attained the age of 18.

After meeting the spelt out requirements, an Indian Non-resident citizen can apply for a new voter card by following the steps given below:

  • Using as the link access the NVSP portal from your browser
  • On the homepage of the portal, click on “Apply online for registration of overseas voters”
  • A new page of the portal will be displayed from you can decide to change the language that is used in the portal.
  • Correctly fill in all the details that are required including passport details, place of birth details and place of present ordinary residence in India.
  • Upload the supporting documents i.e. your photograph and valid pages of your passport.
  • Enter the Captcha to prove that you are not a robot.
  • Click on “submit” to submit the application details to the Electoral Commission of India. Form 6A Overseas New Voter Card
NVSP Form 6A Overseas New Voter Card

Once you have submitted form 6A to ECI via their online portal, it will appear on their notice board with the Electoral Registration Officer inviting any objection. A person that wishes to object the application only has one week to do so after which your name will be included in the electoral roll. You will then be notified of your successful application through the post office or SMS. In the case where a person may object to the application, the ERO or Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (AERO) will hear the case that is brought forward.

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