How to Score Subject Wise Good Marks in Inter (10+2) for Bipc Stream Students

Preparation Tips to Score More Marks for Bipc Students in Intermediate 1st & 2nd Year….
In IPE Final examinations there will be more tension for the BIPC buddies when compare to other groups. For them there will be a question whether the EAMCET will be there are not if the NIIT is compulsory then whether the inter marks will get weight age or not, there won’t clear assurance for them. At that time, Let us have a focus on the How to get Good Marks in Inter for the BIPC students in details.

The right time to study is, while during college time 3 hours, in home 4 to 5 hours….. That means totally in one day 7 to 8 hours will be available. That time should be utilized properly. TV, IPOD, Computers should be kept away for 80 days. Till now what is read will be used for school level awareness hereafter the reading will be used for increasing your score in Examination. So if you follow Telugu academy school books and if the preparation is processed internship then you can score 100 out of 100. At the same way, in every subject based on the weight age the syllabus must be divided on the basis ordinary and important lessons and the concentration must be kept on it. Read the Further Studies after Inter Completion

Preparation Plan for Subject Wise Good Marks in Inter Bipc Public Exams (10+2)

The student must concentrate in the chapters from where the main questions will be asked. If you read like this, then you can able to answer very short, short answers easily. First the BIPC students must get the Previous Years of IPE main, Supplementary Examination related questions and must be divided on the basis of chapter wise. The students must practice well to writing the answers to those questions without seeing the answers. At least 40 to 50 marks can be scored for that itself.

Difference between a Ranker and other Students:-
There will be choice in the long answer question and short answer question very short answer questions will not have any choice. The difference between a ranker and the other students is there at this place only. The ranker will score 100 out of 100% marks in this part while the other student will score only 50 to 60 percent marks. The very short answer questions must be practiced from the past four years question papers and from that 4 or 5 questions many come.

Apart from this, some more important must be get marked from the experiences and should read those marked questions. Before writing the answers, the questions must be understood and then the answer must be given only for the required question in the form of paragraphs, the answer must be given along with the diagrams wherever necessary. This will be in botany and zoology in both at least for 24 marks it will be there. So more attention must be given for those types of things.

Preparation on the Basis of Adjusted Weightage:-
By adjusting the weight age, in some chapters, short answer, very short answer questions can be prepared and it is enough. In that chapter, Long answer questions need not be read. So, based on the weight age the important questions must be marked based on chapter wise and time must be allocated properly for reading those answers. If two, three questions are asked from the chapters which are not prepared, the students should not get tensed as there is a chance of not answering the other questions properly. First the students must write the answer to the well-known questions, and then they must answer to the doubled questions.

Examinations and its Importance:-
The third term examination that is conducted in December, in January last week, in February second pre final examination is conducted in this every student must prepare well and know there merit and demerit and should continue their preparation and concentration based on it.

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