Telangana Vehicle Traffic Complaint eChallan Status check Online

Now TG Govt Launch Latest web portal for How to Check my Telangana Vehicle Traffic Complaint eChallan Status Online at….
After the Separation of Telangana Government had launched a web portal for TS Police for checking Citizen Vehicle pending echallan status online. In that webpage who are violated the traffic rules in TG State those people can check the vehicle complaint status online at Now Check your Telangana Land Records Online

Know your Telangana Vehicle Traffic Complaint echallan status check online

1. Why e-Challan will be generated against your vehicle?
As you know whenever you ply across the roads of the Hyderabad city, if you violate any of the traffic rules the traffic police will generate an e-challan against either your vehicle or against your driving license subject to the type of violation committed.

2. What is an e-Challan?
An e-challan is a nothing more than a regular challan but issued in digital format. The traffic police must show a photo evidence regarding the type of evidence if they have to generate an e-challan against you.
Telangana Vehicle Traffic Complaint echallan status Online
3. How the traffic police will generate such challans?
The traffic police now a days are using sophisticated digital technologies to catch the traffic rule violators. All they do is using cameras in various ways to snap you when violating the rules. This can be done in various forms like snapping of violations using digital camera, speed laser guns, surveillance cameras and automated red light violation cameras. Many a times we tend to be intelligent and violate traffic rules but keep in mind there are many digital eyes watching you all through your journey.

4. Which violations are covered under the e-Challans?

  • No Parking
  • Over Speeding
  • Crossing Stop Line at signals
  • Wrong U Turn
  • Driving along wrong Side
  • Incorrect Number Plate

5. How to find the e-challans against my vehicle?
Our traffic police is not only using latest technologies for catching you for violations, but also they are providing various ways through digital platforms to know the challans against your vehicle or driving license. Here are the ways to know the e-challans against you…

Through Website: Log on to website and there you can find the two ways to check your e-challans either through your vehicle registration number or through your driving license number.

Note:- Remember that there should be no spaces included in your registration number while entering it.

Through Mobile app: You can also download the e-Challan Mobile App for Android mobiles from the play store.

Through E-Mail and Mobile Alerts: Recently the Hyderabad traffic police started new service which will let you know through an e-mail and SMS whenever your vehicle is issued an e-Challan.

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