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How to track Telangana State Government Life Insurance TSGLI Policy Bond Status and How to get TSGLI Policy Bond Details at tsgli.telangana.gov.in…..
Commonly referred to as Telangana State Government Life Insurance (TSGLI) was initially known as the APGLI. Going down to history it is the oldest and most popular departments in the Indian country. The co-founder being Nizam of erst while state of Hyderabad. He formed the department the meet the welfare of the country’s employees. This goes down from the year 1907, with the help of a management committee which run the scheme. This is the TSGLI Official website: http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/Home.aspx

Giving it a name Family pension fund this didn’t stick for long and in the year 1913 the name was changed to Hyderabad state life insurance fund.The TSGLI acts as a scheme which holds the government employees welfare matters and caters for their well-being. The scheme has been made mandatory to all the government workers, and the provincialized employees.

The TSGLI works and is overlooked by the Administrative control of finance department. The government has taken a step further by introducing a website portal for the workers to access their insurance details. Tsgli.telangana.gov.in is the official website for employees to check policy information easily.

What is the procedure of checking TSGLI policy bond details at tsgli.telangana.gov.in?

  • Navigate to the official TSGLI portal: http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/
  • On the home page enter your policy number correctly.
  • On the menu select the right suffix.
  • Check the Captcha code and enter it correctly.
  • Now select the get policy bond option.
  • If you have high internet connection download the policy.
  • Note the POP broker should be displayed and if not just visit internet tools and select.

What is contain in the TSGLI website

  1. TSGLI monthly slips.
  2. The policy bond.
  3. Search policy.
  4. The annual account.
  5. New policy forms
  6. TSGLI final payments.
  7. TSGLI policy complaints

The features of the TSGLI

  1. Only government and provincial employees aged 21-53 can apply for the TSGLI scheme.
  2. The policy only matures at the retirement age of 58.
  3. In comparison this the policy to go for, the rate are low as compared to others.
  4. The insurance has been there for long and can’t collapse.
  5. The rates gain in the TSGLI are tax free this is under the legal act section 80c.
  6. The policy attracts a very big bonus the employees take home a reasonable amount.
  7. The assured rates is RS 100 for each RS 1000 and doesn’t lapse.
  8. The loans offered have low interest of 9% per year.

In case of death or declaration of not able to work, the beneficiary get the whole amount and bonus accumulated. This is counted until the date of death or the date of leaving work.

Checking the TSGLI policy details using the policy number and date of birth at tsgli.telangana.gov.in

  • Visit the TSGLI website page to know the TSGLI Policy Details online URL: http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/PolicyDetails.aspx
  • Again key in your policy number on the space given.
  • Check the policy and fill in the date of birth written.
tsgli policy details
tsgli policy details
  • See the captcha code and enter it on the box.
  • Select the view button on the screen
  • All the policy details will be brought forth.

TSGLI Policy Number Search using Policy Account Holder’s name at tsgli.telangana.gov.in

You might forget your tsgli policy number and cannot access the website. Don’t worry just follow the procedure below?

tsgli policy number search
TSGLI policy number search
  • Visit the website home page: http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/PolicyFinder.aspx
  • Check the policy card and enter the names as they read.
  • Key in your Father name.
  • Then the date of birth exactly like the policy card.
  • Fill in the number on the Captcha code.
  • Now press the button” retrieve policy number”.
  • The number will be displayed on the screen. This process can be used to download the policy from the official website.

How to check TSGLI Policy Status using policy number in tsgli.telangana.gov.in

tsgli policy status at tsgli.telangana.gov.in
TSGLI Policy Status

The Telangana official website has the option of checking the status. The beneficiary can also use it to check the amount in the account. This applies when death or insanity of the policy holder occurs. In earlier case a slash on the policy premium was done and the amount was not indicated in the policy statement or the account of the holder.

  • Visit the main web portal URL: http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in/Status%20of%20Applicant.aspx
  • On the home page please enter the correct policy number. Note if not sure of the number search the number from policy details or follow the above information.
  • Go to the drop down list of policy, loans, claims fill in the details as required.
  • Now you have to enter the financial year which you want the status.
  • Enter the captcha security code correctly.
  • Select the view button and you will receive all the information about your policy account status.

Facts about the TSGLI policy details
When an employees is deducted the first installment from his salary they should take a proposal. The proposal is approved only by the head of the department you are working for. It is later submitted to TSGLI policy. This proposal is an important document which helps benefit and get your money/benefits at the retirement age. The second premium also you have to give the proposal. Remember if you don’t provide the proposal any risk attached to your insurance won’t not be compensated.

The money doesn’t gain any interest and one cannot claim the money at the retirement age. If the money is not accounted for the TSGLI refunds the money to the concerned authority. You cannot apply for the proposal if you have attained the age of 53. The proposal is not acceptable and one can’t not get the full benefits of the scheme.

Loss of the Policy Papers

  • Write a request to the head of department and also pay one rupee for the premium.
  • The employer’s duty is to give form declaring the loss of the policy paper and has not granted any beneficiary the policy.
  • Now the employee will take the form and monthly schedule of the policy payments. He should submit them to the district insurance officer near them and get the duplicated policy.

TSGLI Missing Details
The employees should be checking time and again about their status. This helps know if there are missing installments. You can check if the amount is gaining interest as per the agreement. If any month is missing from the contribution list please rise an alarm by getting the correct challans of your monthly deductions.
Take the request to the head of department who will check the issues and contact the district insurance officers for rectification. Give the receipt number. Policy number and the name of the policy holder.

Note if any mistake on the policy number or name would lead to diversion of the payments to the wrong account. Visit the official website: https://tsgli.telangana.gov.in and get the policy details check and confirm your number and all the particulars. If any change is needed fill the form again and download them to get a duplicate. An extra amount will apply for changing of policy number.

What will happen when the policy holder dies or cannot work again?
Most government workers are afraid of what will happen to their policies in case of death. But don’t worry the TSGLI ensures your beneficiary get every coin of your policy. They are eligible to the policy since you recognized them as the next of kin. The policy issues the bonus and the amount accumulated plus the interest gain up to the date of passing.

For question and inquiries please visit the official website: http://tsgli.telangana.gov.in

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