Income Tax Returns efiling online at

How to File Income Tax Returns efiling online at website and Linking Procedure on Aadhaar to Pan Number….
Income tax is percentage of your total income which is slashed by the government either directly or indirectly. The funds are directed to the development of the nation by giving proper infrastructures, quick developments, free medication and school facilities. They government pays salaries to state work both in central government and the state. The income tax has a lot of uses to common individual or citizens. This by getting all the services from government through the contribution one makes towards the income tax.

In the Indian government the income tax varies from one state to another. The laws of the state directs on how to the income tax will be corrected. The income tax act was implemented in the year 1961 under the high ministry of finance. The IT department as it is commonly referred to work in enforcing double taxation avoidance taxation.

Direct income tax

  • Security transaction tax                                 
  • Capital gains tax.
  • Wealth tax

Indirect income tax

  • VAT
  • Octroi
  • Service tax
  • Sale tax

Every day’s tax or monthly earning give high contribution to government income. The ministry of finance manages the tax even to the levels of central board of direct tax (CBDT). The income tax is calculated annually but generated monthly.

Income Tax Returns eFiling
Income Tax Returns eFiling

How to register on the official website?

Citizens who fill their taxes sometime have a challenge in going through the process. With a strong deadline of 31 July every year some sort the help of experts. The government and ministry of finance though has made it easier for individuals to access the official website. You can fill your own tax at the comfort of your own house. You only need the right documents then register at the portal after this you do the simple process. 

What documents are need to file income tax efiling in India?

  1. Aadhaar card.
  2. PAN card.
  3. Your bank account details.
  4. Form 16.
  5. All your investment particulars.
  6. If you have children give their tuition fee especially 2 children.
  7. A receipt of your house rent if applicable.
  8. Home loan details and certificates indicating loan details.
  9. The medical receipts for you and the dependents.
  10. Any donation if applicable

Registration process

  1. Go to official website:
  2. On the home page select new Income Tax Returns efilling from the menu bar. There will be options of the user type: Individual and Hindu undivided family.
  3. Now fill your personal particulars PAN, Your surname, Middle name, Frist name, Your date of birth, Residence/permanent address etc
  4. Fill all the mandatory spaces on the registration form.
  5. Recheck the details you’ve entered then submit.
  6. When you are done a message will be sent about successful process.
  7. Check your email for user ID and for password.

Filling Process on Income Tax returns efiling after registration.

  1. First login to the official website;
  2. The page will open up since you had registered enter your user ID and password sent on your email.
  3. Fill the captcha code to proceed.
  4. The form will open now check on “prepare and submit ITR online”. Click on the tab
  5. If applying individual filling select ITR form. The tax may be from your salary, pension, family pension or lottery. The funds maybe up to RS 50 lakhs.
  6. Now filling the details as follows:  The general information, Gross total income, All the deductions and the income totals, Get the sum which is taxable, Other data: advance tax, assessment on tax payments and About TDS.
  7. Now after fill the information on all the parts check the details again.
  8. Upload your signature online commonly known as the digital signature certificate.
  9. The process of e-filling is done. Note if you can’t upload the signature download the manual form sign then email it to the income tax offices. This has to be completed within 120 days.
  10. Some refunds might happen they will be sent via the same address given in the registration process.
  11. The website is open payments though the debit/credit or internet banking online. They should be directed to the income tax department.

There are various ways to filling your returns

  1. Using the official government site.
  2. Fill in the forms manually and take them to the offices.
  3. Use the H&R block India.

Aadhaar card is mandatory for filling the returns. The state government has given a declaration for the PAN to be linked with Aadhaar card. This was implemented on 1st July 2017 you can’t access the website or fill returns without the Aadhaar number and PAN number. The deadline was 31st August 2017 beyond this date you needed an Aadhaar card.

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