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Madhya Pradesh government launched a website to Generate MP Teachers Salary Pay Slip at MP Treasury Website i.e….
Madhya Pradesh commonly referred as the central province is one of largest states in Indian country. With the capital city being Bhopal and having taken all the best of Indian physical features. This state gains a lot of visitors every year due to the beautiful scenarios and considered as the heart of India.

The government has introduced different website portals and system to help the common citizens and government. Implementation of government plans happens fast since they use the internet. Citizens and government employees have access to this site as some are made to help in salary payments and checking one’s status. The states treasury department is known as the directorate of treasury and accounts.  It is the higher body which handles are the states money and account of how to spend and implement projects.

How to achieve your MP Teachers Salary Slip or Sal details from

The MP treasury portal helps the employees get information on salary slips, pension and check their status directly without consulting the HR. they have the right to print their pay slips from the official website using the correct link:

They will login using their pay credentials in a simple procedure as follows:

  • Navigate to the official website page:
  • When the home page opens enter the employee code.
  • Enter the month and year on which you need the pay slip for.
  • Recheck and submit all the information.

What are the basic information contained in a pay slip?

A salary slip is a formal document which is used by employers to show payments done each month. Due to advanced technology the MP state generates pay slips for all employees online. The slip has important information written.

mp treasury
MP Treasury

It proper to understand that a slip has net salary and gross salary. Net is what one takes home after all the deduction are removed. The gross salary is the intact cash agreed upon employment before the deductions are taken. So what is on the pay slip?

  • Basic/gross salary: this the total amount an employee should get when the deductions are not taken off.
  • Dearness allowance: this amount is paid to percentage of the basic pay. It goes for 6 months of every year later to be revised.
  • HRA: this are allowances for every government employee, they are also revise after some few months.
  • GPF: this a retirement benefit fund for older employees the newly employees are getting EPF as their pension benefit scheme. This amount will be withdrawn one the retirement is achieved.
  • Income tax: each and every government employee has to pay for income tax. A certain percentage is taken from your gross salary but according to the pay you get.
  • In handy salary: the total amount after the deductions.

How to search bill in MP treasury website?

MP treasury happens to have all kinds’ services and by using the right URL we can achieve to get bill using the portal.

  • Navigate to the official website:
  • On the menu bar please choose one of the treasury from the given list.
  • Fill in the date and year and submit the details.

How to search MP treasury challan?

A challan is a legal document which shows payment of something or service. We can also get challan from the same MP treasury portal. In the following steps:

  • Visit the official website page:
  • On the home page fill in the treasury name.
  • Fill in the branch ID.
  • You must give the head of account.
  • Now enter the date of challan.
  • Enter the amount and give the specific cash.
  • Fill in the depositor then click on the search button.

The MP state government has ensured all the employees can access the website portal. They only need and employee code which is provided by the department where one works for. It’s easy to operate and one doesn’t need computer knowledge to open the website.

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