DDO Request AP Employee Salary Pay Slip at treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/

Andhra Pradesh DDO Request and AP ddoreq for Generating AP Treasury Government Employee Salary Pay Slip / Bills Online at treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/….
With technological advancements, it is now possible for anyone to prepare and submit salary bills online thanks to the support given by Director of Treasuries. This has been made possible with the introduction of a new website known as DDOREQ / DDO Request Salary Bills. This website is mainly set aside for Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDO). Through this website, it is now possible to electronically prepare monthly salary bill for every person who is employed by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from preparing salary bills, this website is also used in supplementing bills, DA arrear and preparing leave encashment bills. The Direct of Treasuries has made this website user friendly by adding new features that have eased the process involved in accomplishing tasks on the website. These features include things like Updating employees leave account, CPS and preparation of supplementary bills. With the new features, all employees of Andhra Pradesh can now be able to use this site without having any problems like before.

Before you can actually generate an employee’s salary bill, it is recommended that you update the leave account for every government employee who is on a pays lip. After this is done, the number of earned leaves and half pay leaves is then entered correctly in the updating tab.

How to Generate AP DDOREQ (DDO Request) Govt Employee Salary Pay Slip in treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/

To access this website all you need to have is an internet connection and a device that can be able to access the internet. With all these in place, you will have to register yourself on the website from where you will be given a username and password which you will use in logging into the site. Once all these requirements are in place, you can easily log into the website using your browser on a phone or personal computer. Below is a step by step explanation on how to generate employee salary bill in https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/ Website.

  • On your browser, whether Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer, key in https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/as the official link of DDO Request website.
  • Once you have gained access to the homepage, click on the ‘Login’ button to log into the website. You will be required to put in your username and password that was assigned to you when opening an account with this website. Click on ‘Submit’ to log into the site.
  • If you have forgotten the password, you have the option of resetting it by clicking on ‘Reset’ button from where you will be redirected into a new page. From this page, change the password to one that can be remembered easily before you can now log into this website again.
  • After successfully logging into the website, place your mouse cursor on ‘Pay bills’ tab to select it. In the drop down box that appears click on ‘Pay bill Preparation’ button.


  • You will automatically be redirected to the DDO Request Pay Bill preparation page. Here, you are required to confirm your Bill ID and the specific month whose pay bill you are generating. This can be easily done by choosing the Bill ID from the drop down box that appears. Now enter the year and month of the pay bill that you want to get and then click on ‘Process’
  • After all the details have been correctly filled, click on ‘Ok’ to continue with the process.
  • Your screen will automatically show all the names of government employees who can be able to receive monthly increments. To get an increment, click on the checkbox that you see and select ‘Next’
  • Now, your screen will display all government employees who are in the pay bill. By choosing the checkbox, it is possible to prevent an employee from getting their monthly salary by simply removing their name. The website does not give specific days for claiming the bill meaning it can be done at any particular time that you term appropriate.
  • Include the EWF/FLAG in the salary bill by clicking on a corresponding employee serial number.
  • In the next screen that appears on your personal computer or mobile phone, verify the cadre strength and click on ‘Next’ to continue. Once you have confirmed all the details, click on ‘Submit’ button to submit the information.
  • Ensure that your manual pay bills and the pay particulars are in line before clicking on ‘DDO Bill Submission’ that can be seen from the navigation bar containing pay bills module.
  • In the new page that appears, choose the Head of Account from the drop down box that appears. This action will make the website display a list of all the government employees together with their net amounts, deductions and monthly earnings. Click on the ‘Submit’ button once done.
  • After clicking on the submit button, you will be required to write down a TBR number that must be linked to beneficiary bank account for employees.
  • To link the TBR number with a bank account, click on ‘TBR Beneficiary Entry 2016’ button which can be easily traced from the pay bills menu. Enter the TBR number after which you will print the beneficiary details.
  • If you wish to print out the Schedules, bill or Form-47, click on ‘Reports’ option that can be seen from the left navigation bar module.

For generating Form-47, click on ‘Form-47 Generating’ button that is set aside for this purpose. For printing out the schedules, click on ‘Bill Schedules’ option from where you can choose the type of bill that you wish to generate. The same case applies when you want to print the salary bill since you have to click on ‘Pay Bill Details’ button.

By following the steps above, you can easily generate an employee’s pay bill from the comfort of your house without having to move an inch. This website has eased the time taken in generating employees pay bills as compared to manual processes that requires a person to access the offices Failed to Establish Connection to the Server Kindly restart the Emsigner

Failed to Establish Connection to the Server Kindly restart the Emsigner error Solution by Login [SOLVED]….
At some point in life, you will come across the “Failed to Establish Connection to a server” error that will make it difficult for you to access an online server. Restarting your browser might sometimes not help in fixing this irritating error hence one needs to come up with the correct solution for this problem. Initially, this problem was handled by a team of experts, but with the introduction of new versions of browsers, it is proving to be difficult in getting rid of this problem for good. However, you should not be worried since there are quite a number of solutions to this recurrent problem.

Causes of “Failed to Establish Connection to The Server” Error

“Failed to Establish Connection to The Server” may be as a result of:

  • Failure of the workstation to make connections with the intended server.
  • Having an invalid configuration setup of your server
  • Lack of an Ethernet connection
  • Using the wrong IP Address
  • Using a network connection that has not been configured.
  • Having a configuration server that is not running.

Failed to Establish Connection to the Server Kindly restart the Emsigner solution by login

Personal Computers that have Windows 7 installed in them can follow the steps giving below to completely do away with ‘Failed to Establish Connection to a Server Error”

  • A person will first need to install internet explorer browser in their personal computer if it is not present.
  • Using the newly installed internet explorer browser, download the latest version of Java that is available to the general public.
  • Once the Java application has been successfully installed in your browser, select the control panel and open java settings. In the Java settings, click on “Security” tab from the different tabs that are displayed in your screen.

Failed to Establish Connection to the Server Solution address

  • In the security page, click on ‘Edit Site List’ and put in the list that you have just opened.
  • On your browser, download the latest version of Emsigner application and install it in your device.
  • Once the application is installed, restart your personal computer to make sure that all the changes made are accepted by the computer’s system.
  • Right click on the Emsigner application to open it and then click on “Run as Administrator” option.
  • With these settings you can now continue the process of registering in a GST portal without getting the ‘Failed to Establish Connection to the Server’ error when using Emsigner application.

Apart from the Emsigner application, many people will also come across the Failed to Establish Connection to the Server error when trying to access a given server. In this situation, there are a number of solutions that can be relied upon to permanently get rid of the error. The step by step processes of solving this error are given below:

Unable to log into an Enterprise Server
If you experience difficulties when you are trying to access the enterprise server, you first need to check whether the Enterprise server is running smoothly before you can do anything else. This is done by:

  1. Clicking on the start button of your personal computer or desktop computer.
  2. From the options displayed on your screen, select all programs. In the programs of your personal computer, open Schneider Electric.
  3. Now click on “StruxureWare X.X before finally selecting the Struxure Ware Software Administrator.
  4. Check whether or not the server is running smoothly. If the server is not running, click on ‘Start Service’ button.
  5. Finally, click on “OK” to complete the process and easily log into the server that you wish.

Sometimes the ‘Failed to Establish Connection to a Server’ may be brought about by a backup reset. If this is the case, then you will have to wait for a while before the server can get back online after being restored. The time that a person will have to wait is determined by the size of the database in which the server is running on. Once the server is back online, you can log in again without having to face any other problems.

Difficulty in Logging into the Automation Server
Sometimes it may become difficult to log into an automation server since every attempt will keep on showing “Failed to Establish Connection to the Server” Error. To get rid of this problem, you can use any of the solutions given below:

Check your Ethernet Connection
Lack of an Ethernet connection can be the main factor behind the recurrence of this server problem. You can check the connection of your Ethernet by accessing the run “cmd” option. In this option, enter the IP address of the automation server which you are using. If it does not give any feedback, check whether the Ethernet connection is in place or if there is any other problem that needs to be fixed.

Check the IP Address
You can also decide to check the IP Address if your Ethernet connection is not the main reason behind this error. This can be done by using the simple steps given below.

  • On your Personal computer, click on the start button and select “All Programs” from the new page that will be displayed.
  • Open Schneider Electric and click on “StruxureWare X.X before finally selecting the StruxureWare Software Administrator.
  • Now connect to the automation server by using a USB wire.
  • In the device administrator window that appears, select automation server. Click on the icon that is displayed to activate PuTTY.
  • Log into the automation server by using ‘admin’ as the password and username.
  • Enter the command ‘setip’ and then click on “Enter’
  • Now check the IP address to see whether you are logging into the correct server.

Check whether a restoration backup was set
When an enterprise server backup has just been restored, it will take quite some time before it can become fully operational. The time that you have to wait is decided by size of the database i.e. Bigger databases will take longer to work as compared to smaller databases. Once the server becomes active, you can try logging into the server once again.

Procedure for Creation of IRCTC New Account Login Registration at irctc.co.in

Simple Procedure for How to Register an IRCTC New Account and Signup Process for New IRCTC Login Registration at irctc.co.in and nget.irctc.co.in…..
IRCTC department decided to come up with a website that will help them effectively serve the large population that depends on railway transport. This user friendly website has eased the pressure faced by people who wanted to book train tickets as it can now be done from the comfort of your house.

Railway transport is the most preferred mode of transport used by majority of Indian citizens. This is due to the fact that this mode of payment is way cheaper and convenient as compared to other modes of transport available. The high demand of railway transport led to long queues when booking a train ticket. With this problem persisting, the railway department decided to come up with an online portal that allows people to book the tickets without necessarily having to stand on the long queues.

By creating a IRCTC Login registration in IRCTC website, one can be able to book train tickets while at home, work or when travelling to a different location in the country. Initially, Indian citizens would have to access the train stations in order to book a train ticket. With the introduction of the IRCTC website, all you need to have is an internet connection and a device that can access the internet. This can either be a Personal Computer or mobile phone. You will then be required to use https://www.irctc.co.in as the official link to this website from where you will easily login and access all services displayed.

Apart from booking train tickets, a person can be able to know the trains that are available in their location without necessarily having to login into the IRCTC website. With this information, it becomes easier to catch a train whenever you want to travel. Knowing the location of the train will also help in prior planning since it is easier to know the time that you need to prepare before the train reaches the next train station.

IRCTC also allows people to check for the remaining train seats and thus choose the one that is preferable. People no longer have to access train stations in the wee hours of the morning for them to get the preferred train seat. This saves them time and money that they would otherwise use in paying transport cost to and from the train stations. Furthermore, you can book a train ticket days before your intended travelling date from this website.

Through the IRCTC portal, a person can be able to get train tickets by post. This is made possible by the introduction of i-tickets which are booked on the portal and delivered via post. Booking of the train tickets is done between 11:45 pm to 12:30 am after which it is closed for 45 minutes before it is reopened. This is mainly done for maintenance purpose due to the high number of travelers that it serves. Regular maintenance of the website is necessarily for the smooth running as it is used in booking many train tickets during the entire day.

Apart from booking train tickets, one can also be able to book air tickets from IRCTC website. This covers all domestic and international travel needs of anyone who wants to move from one point to another with ease. With IRCTC website, all your rail and air transport needs will be met without facing any difficulties.

Step by Step Procedure on IRCTC New Account Login Registration

Creating a IRCTC New Account and the website is quite easy and will take 4-5 minutes of your time as long as you have a fast internet connection. The step by step procedure given below can help you register on IRCTC website by navigating through the portal.

  • First and foremost, you will need to access the IRCTC portal on your personal computer or mobile phone by using https://www.irctc.co.in as the official link to the website.
  • Once in the website homepage, click on “Sign Up” link that can be seen from the top left corner of the page. This action will automatically redirect you to the “New Registration” page.
irctc new account

IRCTC New Account login registration Form

  • On the new page that is displayed, correctly fill in all the details required. These details include date of birth, name, gender, mobile number and email address. If you do not want to fill in the optional details you can do so by leaving the fields blank.
  • In the tab that follows, fill in your residence details and enter the captcha displayed. If you do not see the captcha clearly, you can ask for another captcha by clicking on the option close to the image.
  • Click on “Submit” button to submit the information that you have just filled.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the IRCTC website by clicking on the checkbox given.
  • You will then receive a thank you message that signals your successful registration.

How to Activate IRCTC New Login Account

Before you can start using the IRCTC website, you need to activate your account. This can be done by following the simple procedure given:

  • On your browser, enter https://www.irctc.co.in as the official link used in accessing IRCTC website.
  • In the login page, enter the username and password that was sent to your email address when creating an account with this website.
  • Fill in your email address and mobile number in the spaces set aside for this options.
  • A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number and email address.
  • Enter the OTP in the specific areas and click on “Submit”
  • You can now use IRCTC website to book train tickets by using the username and password to log into your account.