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PNB Employee Salary Slips / Salary Reports and PNB Pensioners Salary Slips / Salary Bills by logon into PNB Hrms (PNB Parivar) at www.pnbnet.net.in….
Punjab National Bank (PNB) is one of the largest Government Bank found in India. The bank has employed quite a number of people in its various branches all over the country thus giving them a source of livelihood. There are PNB Parivar employees who are mainly tasked with the responsibility of giving out essential information such as the payroll processing slips of the bank. Punjab National Bank is well known for giving good banking services to all the clients while at the same time showing how valuable the employees and retirees.

With the introduction of online platforms that can be used to efficiently offer services, organizations and companies are now changing the way they do things. Punjab National Bank has also not been left behind since they have a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) portal. Through the Punjab National Bank HRMS portal employee and pensioners can get important information concerning Employee selection, training management, attendance, performance appraisal, Employee self-service management and HR management information system. So long as an employee has an account on the Punjab National Bank portal, all these services can be acquired within a short period of time.

Before one can login into the Punjab National Bank portal there are quite a number of things that should be noted. These important details are:

  1. Punjab National Bank portal is designed for use by PNB employees
  2. One must have a user ID and password before logging into the portal
  3. There is an IT team that is readily available to offer assistance whenever there is a problem when logging in.

Procedure on Punjab National Bank PNB HRMS Login Portal www.pnbnet.net.in

The PNB HRMS portal was specifically designed for the employees and pensioners of the bank. Pensioners have the chance to track and calculate every deduction on the portal. All employees and pensioners are required to register with the portal and finally submit their application to the specific branch officer.

There are important information that should be submitted to the officer before one can get a user ID and password. These are job information and personal information such as mobile number and email address. Once submitted, an employee or pensioner will receive a confirmation message and email of the account to be opened. A user ID and password that is needed to Login PNB HRMS portal will also be generated and sent to your email. It is mandatory for every employee to have the said PNB HRMS Login details before using the facilities and services available.

PNB HRMS Login Portal at www.pnbnet.net.in
Punjab National Bank PNB HRMS website www.pnbnet.net.in

Once you have an internet connection and a device that can be used to access the internet, you can login into your account by following the steps given below:

  • On your browser whether Mozilla Firefox, google chrome or internet explorer, type in https://www.pnbnet.net.in/ as the link to the official portal of PNB HRMS
  • Once in the portal, click on “Login to HRMS” button. This action will automatically redirect you to the PNB HRMS login page
  • In the user ID space, enter your PF number or User ID
  • Correctly enter the password that was generated to you when opening an account with the portal. If you have forgotten the password that was given to you, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link that is displayed on the page
  • In the new page that appears change your password to the one that can be easily remembered
  • Now enter this new password in the box that is set aside for this detail
  • Click on “Sign in” button to access the PNB HRMS page. You will now have logged into the PNB HRMS website without facing any difficulties

How to Generate Punjab National Bank Employee Salary Pay Slip / bills by PNB HRMS Login at www.pnbnet.net.in

Employees and Pensioners of Punjab National Bank can easily generate employee salary by logging into the PNB HRMS website. This can only be possible if one has an internet connection and internet accessing device. In addition, one must also have created an account with the PNB HRMS website and received the details required for accessing the site i.e. User ID and Password.

After meeting the set requirements an employee of Punjab National Bank can generate the employee salary slip by following the step by step guideline given below:

  • Visit the Punjab National Bank HRMS Portal by typing https://www.pnbnet.net.in/ on your browser
  • This action will take you directly to the PNB HRMS page from where you are required to login into your account. Click on “Login to HRMS” button to access the login page
  • Once in the login page, correctly enter the PF number or Employee User ID and password that was sent to your email.
  • After filling in the details, click on “Sign in” button. If by any chance you have forgotten your password, you can click on ‘Forgot Password’ link from where you can change the password
  • Now login using the new password that was generated. It is necessary for all employees of Punjab National Bank to update their mobile number and email address whenever they make a change. This will ensure that you receive new updates on a regular basis
  • Once in the website, click on “Get Salary Report’ from the various options that are displayed
  • After clicking the option, you will be able to see the full salary report. Download the Employee salary bill into your personal computer or laptop. This is done by selecting the location that you want to save the employee salary slip and clicking on ‘Download’ button
  • After successfully downloading the employee salary slip into your personal computer or laptop, you can decide to print it for future use.
  • Remember to logout of the Punjab National Bank HRMS Website once you have finished generating the employee salary slip. This is necessary for the purpose of preventing unauthorized access and use of your HRMS account. It also helps in keeping all your information private since no one else will have the chance of using your account.

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