Check TS Land Records, Pahani, Tippan Details Online

Search your Telangana Land Records Details, Pahani, ROR-1B, Grama ROR-1B, Tippan, Adangal at…….
Government of Telangana launched a website, facilitating its citizens to check their land records online. The land records like Pahani, ROR-1B, Grama ROR-1B, Tippan and other Land details can be downloaded online from the website at The Telangana Land Records official web portal to check this site. After dividing the two states every state may contain separate website on Land Property Details. People now find all the documents relating to their lands in the mabhoomi official website. They can also be downloaded for use anytime from anywhere through internet.

How to check Telangana Land Record details online
  • Visit official website at
  • Now in the Menu you can find options like Adangal, ROR 1-B, Tippan and Village Map etc
  • Select which type of document you need then you will be a taken to a form where you need to select search by survey number or Aadhaar number or name of the pattadar / holders etc
  • After selecting the above radio buttons now fill the form by selecting district, zone, village, survey number and other data
  • Now press submit to get the details.

Other things that are available on the mabhoomi website are: –

  • Facility to link your Aadhaar to the existing land of yours
  • You can download the Map of a Village from the website
  • Citizens can check the complaint status, where you can check your complaints online.

Please visit the website to check all the facilities mentioned and make use of them. If you find any discrepancies in your land details, you immediately report to the concerned officials at the local revenue department.

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