Ap EC Encumbrance Certificate at registration.ap.gov.in

Ap EC Encumbrance Certificate at registration.ap.gov.in/APCARDECClient/ website…
A technological era is reigning in the Indian country.  All the 29 states of Indian are working tirelessly to get in the digital world. This by ensuring all the legal documents can be achieved online. The process has started and can be seen in land records projects. The state governments have introduced online portals where citizens from specific states can access their land records.

Amazingly the Andhra Pradesh state government allows the citizens to acquire the Encumbrance certificate online. The citizens can use the official website link registration.ap.gov.in.  Citizens get the first hand information from this website page. Here in the land record website AP citizen can also search for the AP IGRS EC encumbrance certificate. The Encumbrance certificate project is the first to be launched in the website.

AP Encumbrance certificate

What are the services offered in the AP IGRS registration portal?

In the AP IGRS page applicants will different services regarding the land records. All the legal terms and information have been entered in the website portal for easier access.  Below we have the services found under the AP IGRS:

  • The rightful market value rates which is offered by the government.
  • All the application documents regarding the land / property.
  • Here you find the Encumbrance certificate EC search online.
  • Citizens can check their GPA registration status in the same web portal.
  • A list of the transaction and land documents are also issued here.
  • The government has included the stamp duty calculator.
  • The AP IGRS website is easily accessible and citizens can apply for the Encumbrance certificate on their own.
  • The payments for the documents can be done online.
  • Hindu marriage, special marriages are also registered here.
  • All firm and society should register in the same website.

The link www.igrs.ap.gov.in comprises of a lot of details. The web portal is designed to hold all legal government projects. This portal helps ease the hassles of visiting the government offices and wasting a lot of time.

AP EC Encumbrance certificate search in the registration.ap.gov.in

The process has been made easier; applicants need to have all the documents ready before applying.  The process can be done using two formal procedures:

  • Using the documentation information
  • Giving the property details.

The two methods will produce the same results. Below are few steps in getting the EC encumbrance certificate search.

  • Visit AP IGRS site link: registration.ap.gov.in
  • On the menu bar check for the options “ using documentation or property details”
  • Next you’re to enter the survey number and the plot number.
  • Proceed to click on the Encumbrance search tab.
  • The system will offer a set of instructions where you’re to go through before you hit the proceed tab.
  • Now select the submit tab in order to get the Encumbrance statement.

Search using document number

  • Pleas enter the serial number and the year in which the registration is taking place.  Click the go button. The system will generate the information on the screen.

IGRS GPA registration search online

The general power of Attorney is the legal power which helps one to have the full ownership of property/land. The new buyer has the right to the property and can sell to other owners is need be.

  • Go to the official website page: www.igrs.ap.gov.in
  • On the home page click on the GPA search tab.
  • The system will bring forth a search form where the applicant is to fill information about the Encumbrance certificate.
  • Key in the details as follows: first name, last name, district and sub-registrar office.
  • Next key in the security code.
  • In few seconds all details will be displayed on the screen.

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